To Be Young Gifted And Black

Finding a placement was my greatest achievement last year. The general pattern goes find a placement, they like you enough to offer you a graduate scheme. You work your way up the ladder and become rich. I wish this was true in my case. I feel as though I stumbled at the first hurdle of my great ascent to glory. Nina Simone sang to a group of students who where the minority of the minatory at their university. Their presence at this university was challenged everyday but students and staff alike. The role of a pioneer is a noble one but I believe that nobody ever what this role. You face pure hatred in the face and must take the higher ground. The majority die for the rest of us live the lives we have now. Malcom X, Martin Luther King, Nina Simone just to name a few. Dedicated their lives to the empowerment and advancement of black people living in the western world. They championed education, small business, leadership and activism. That we can’t merely chant and march for change but we must be the change.  The society we exist in wasn’t design for us to succeed. It was created on a foundation of nepotism and power. You stay in your place and to the roles that were created for you.

The majority for institution still adhere to this way of thinking. Some don’t not do it actively but they still participate passively. Creating tick box exercises when it come to recruitment to fulfill the quote for diversity. What i’m saying is that it is difficult to be young gifted and black. We have been raised with an win at all cost mind set. When we enter a room and see another BAME candidate we immediately view them competition because there could only be so many roles for us unlike our counterparts. After tackling through the various battles otherwise referred to as the recruitment process. You sit at your desk on your first to and ask. How did I get to this point in my life? Am I now another cog in the rat race of life. Spending 1 hour communicating and 8 hours in front of a computer screen. There must be more. There has to be more.

How does this connect to my placement I hear you ask. I think a component of being young, gifted and black is accept that even when you try your best. Sometimes it just doesn’t work. Which is very frustrating when you have worked twice as hard. I’ve had a few struggle tears. Not due to sadness but frustration. I can guess is character building. My dad sent me some wise words ‘Maybe every time you feel like that, remind yourself how you got the job. Maybe that will put everything in perspective. Remember how many applications you sent before you got this job. This is just placement, most students will end up doing a completely different job from their placement. So, sister learn to be thankful and count your blessings’. It wasn’t the encouragement on the back I required but it was the truth. I need to rejoice in the Lord and be thankful in all things. As I am Young, Gifted and Black.

Love people, Love life, Always



Author: Chiku

Hi, world. Thank you for taking some of your time to read my blog. I'm 21-years old studying accounting and finance at university. Truly I want to start my own business and live the life I create in my dreams. This blog is an account of my life and I hope you enjoy it. Love always, Chiku

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